Westspiel reopens table gaming in all of its casinos in Germany


Casino company from Germany, Westspiel, has been reintroducing classical table games in Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen, and Bremen.

On June 16, the casinos in Dortmund and Duisburg opened their doors to the public. After two weeks of challenging their luck in slot machines and semi-live games, the roulette wheels are spinning again. Also, cards are being dealt at the blackjack and poker tables again.

“Before the reopening of the slot machine games, we did everything to ensure that our guests and employees could rely on safe and responsible gaming operations,” said Managing Director Jochen Braun.

“This is indeed an important step for us on our way back to ‘old’ normalcy. After such a long period of closure, we are returning with a particularly strong sense of responsibility,” Mr. Braun explained.





Nassima Azmzm

Nassima Azmzm

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