The Casino Marketing Planning Process


The goal of business is to generate profits1. To the task of achieving profit goals, the casino resort applies a multi-disciplinary approach including such disciplines as Human Resources, Accounting/Finance, Operations and Marketing. The objective of the marketing discipline is to create demand for the business utilizing two primary approaches: Product Marketing and Program Marketing.
The goal of Product Marketing is to stimulate demand by conceptualizing and delivering a good or service that meets or exceeds a consumer need, want, or expectation at a price that creates a real or perceived value.2
The goal of Program Marketing is to stimulate and channel demand among consumers or gamblers who would otherwise not patronize the casino resort unaided (i.e., for product reasons alone) by using various casino marketing techniques, promotions, and incentives.
An effective casino marketing effort must have both an effective Product Marketing and Program Marketing effort. It is difficult to develop successful Program Marketing efforts around products that are sub-standard or misaligned with the marketplace. Likewise, it is difficult to develop successful product lines without effective advertising, casino promotions, casino special events and casino loyalty programs.


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