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When I saw Roberts petition about having a female writing for Qasiknow I felt a bit challenged. I can’t leave his expectations unattended!

So let’s start this torture! When I started my career in 2005,  I realized  that it takes more than just a few years’ experience or work for a good company to succeed… is just like  formula one. It doesn’t matter who you are racing for but it is about the attitude and commitment that takes you to the podium.

And is just about that attitude that keep you accepted in a chauvinist industry, such as gaming. The attitude that proves your way and keeps you shining.


So is with that attitude that I face my daily routine and the customers’ demands…..


I have worked with customers for the past 16 years and I definitely found my ground. It doesn’t feel like a job. For those that can’t even face customer’s complaints, my job for them would be a real nightmare.

Dealing with high rollers and customers request isn’t for everybody. Understanding their needs and at the same time dealing with their frustrations is something that requires more than dedication…it requires passion.


I manage all different types of customers from different cultures and backgrounds, but they all have something in common and that is, the attention they expect.


Knowing how to work with customers definitely gives you a knowhow and advantage that makes you almost irreplaceable. The thing about customer service is that, you either have it or you don’t. When you do it right, you become part of their family and they of yours. It is inevitable. Don’t try to pretend or fake your service because they will know it…


When the pandemic hits us last year, we also got stuck on those moments that we didn’t know what to do how to keep customers entertained without a slot machine noise or a winning hand. What to do to compensate for those feelings??


Most casinos stopped communications with their customers simply because their staff were furloughed or others because of costing issues… We decided to keep all hosts on 50% of salary and instead searching for a solution or miracle to happen, we decide to do what we were good at… Care!

Our first communication with them was a 40second WhatsApp video asking them how they are, how they were coping with lockdown. A video without uniforms, without make ups and filters. A Video from one human being to another, showing empathy!


For the next 8 months, that was the way we kept our top end customers entertained: TikTok style, homemade videos…LOL. The feedback from the customers by far exceeded our expectation, and that kept them connected until the day we reopened our doors and they came to see their new Hollywood Hosts…


We managed to have our machines occupancy (for the VIP sector) in almost 100% and revenues numbers better than last year same month with only 30% of the product offering!

VIP growth increased more than 5% in the middle of the pandemic!

We were so connected and engaged with our customers that gave us power and confidence to changed their gaming behavior, making their play in those hours that we could offer gambling ( we had curfew times that forced us operate only 12 hours daily)


Messages like: “thanks for been with us, keeping us entertained and keeping us company in this difficult times”,You guys are our virtual family”,Thanks for the videos, for taking us out of this horrible routine, showing us empathy and that we are not just a number”  Were some of many messages that we received daily!


Remember that we have all types of customers; single, married, young, old, rich and richer, but they all have the same needs and expectations, to be recognized! How you deliver the service or how you meet those expectations is what sets you aside from the competition…











4 responses on "Hollywood Hosts"

  1. Thanks for sharing! Those moments of showing emphaty without an immediate return are the key for creating solid and long lasting relationship.
    Looking forward for more posts!

  2. A very good read, Celina. Detailing a difficult year with a distinctively can-do attitude!

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