The fate of a Colombian “stacker stealer”​ in Vietnam

Mr  X received a heavy sentence for “stealing” more than 1 billion VND at a game machine.
Wednesday, August 24, 2020 When he went to play at the Vegas Club in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Mr X (*Ref Update number 019959) discovered that the unlocked money box was open and was stolen. However, Mr Xs behavior was revealed and then arrested.
Defendant Mr X received a 12 year prison sentence for stealing more than 1 billion.
On August 26, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court opened a trial against the defendant Mr X. M-L S (36 years old, Colombian national) for the theft of property.
Accordingly, Mr X and Mr Y (*019961) (Colombian nationality) entered Vietnam on January 9, 2019 ?, as tourists. After that, the two went to the prize-winning game area at the Vegas Club (at Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) for entertainment.
During the game, both discovered that the cashbox of the game console was unlocked, so they attempted to steal. To fulfil his intention, Mr X asked the waiter to go get his coffee. Excess now, Mr X stole the money box and put it in his bag and quickly left the scene. (They have their own key)
The amount of the theft over 47 thousand USD was divided equally between Mr X. Y and Mr Z (Chinese nationality) (*016763) and together took a taxi to flee to Cambodia through Moc Bai border gate (Tay Ninh). On February 28, 2020, Mr X (* was arrested by the Ho Chi Minh City police.
For Mr Y and Mr Z, after the crime has escaped, CQĐT has issued a wanted decision, and at the same time separates the behavior of this object, when they are caught, it will be handled later.
In court, Mr X admits all his crimes and looks forward to forgiveness.
After the deliberation, the Panel judged that Mr Xs behavior was dangerous to society, it was necessary to isolate the defendant from social life for a long time to be effective in education, deterrence and general prevention with society. From this point of view, the Panel sentenced Mr X to 12 years in prison and expelled the defendant from Vietnam after serving the penalty.





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