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Malcolm Rutherford is the guy to turn to if you want BIG Game Protection Data. What is big GP data? Simply, it’s the kind of data that helps you ensnare the most dangerous people to your casinos. I am not just talking about cheats and fraudsters. Malcolm and eConnect can give you the data that may just save your casino from health and safety issues, internal theft, armed robberies and even worse. Through facial recognition and integrated CCTV/Access Control Systems, Malcolm’s investigative ability enhances both operational strategies and the identification of game protection problems, each invaluable to the industry. And when you catch the bad guys, Malcolm’s software will supply the evidence you need to rid yourselves of them. Malcolm has vast direct casino knowledge on three continents. He has been a key casino executive for Aspers Casinos in the UK, Galaxy Entertainment in Macau, and is currently a big player in the surveillance and security industry in Las Vegas. He has considerable project leadership experience, including major casino pre-openings, design of camera systems and parameters as well as implementation of training to key casino employees.



Do the Right Thing

In July of 1588 a large Spanish fleet edged Eastward up the English Channel, followed, just beyond long cannon shot, …

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Hospitality Systems of the Future

The future is a scary place…but one also filled with opportunity. On the one hand you have a rag tag …

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Threat Vectors in Land Based Casinos

So, we have given some thought to policy and procedure. This is important, because good policy and procedure will enable …

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An Introduction to Rating Scams

The whole idea of Casino Membership Loyalty Ratings Systems is to tell the Casino Operation, especially Gaming and Marketing, how …

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